Magnificent Baby Magnetic Closure Onesies


Changing a baby is not as easy as one may assume. You may encounter a squirming baby who does not want to stay still long enough to close up the onesie. Also, many diaper changes happen in the middle of the night when you are not fully awake as well as you may be doing so in less than ideal lighting.

The Magnificent Baby Magnetic Closure Onesies lead you to believe that they are the solution to these changing issues. The difference between a Magnificent Baby Magnetic Closure Onesie and a traditional one is that they have tiny magnets sewn into each item so that you do not have to worry about lining up buttons or snaps nor do you have to fumble withe snaps/buttons, especially when you have a baby who does not stay still long enough to close the onesie.

The kimono style pima cotton onesie can be helpful with a newborn who still has their umbilical cord stump vs. most onesies where the snaps will rub against the healing stump. Magnificent Baby also makes gowns, bibs, and other accessories that commonly have snaps or buttons.

Now you are going to pay more for a magnetic closure onesie compared to a traditional snap or button type onesie. The Magnificent Baby Magnetic Closure Onesie costs $28-$32 and the traditional ones can be less than $10.

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Podee Baby Bottle

Podee Bottles Marketed to moms of multiples, though there is no reason you can not use the Podee Baby Bottle for a single baby. The question though is this a must have product or a waste of money. The way this bottle system works is that you put the milk, juice, or water in the bottle like a traditional bottle but instead of attaching the nipple directly to the top of the bottle there is a long tube going from inside the bottle to a nipple. By having the nipple not on the bottle top, this allows the adult to not have to hold the bottle, just the nipple. Since the bottle is not held, multiple babies can be fed at once. The Podee Baby Bottle also allows baby to be in an upright position reducing colic, gas build-up and ear infections. According to the makers of the Podee, this system makes things less stressful for both parent and baby.

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Blooming Bath Baby Bath


Bathing  a baby is not always easy. They squirm around and are quite slippery. Add to that, some babies hate the water. The Blooming Bath Baby Bath is the solution to this problem. Just put the flower shaped pad in the sink  or plastic tub then add baby and water.

The shape of the plush Blooming Baby hugs all sinks, making baby comfortable and safe at bath time. No longer will you have to fight a crying squirming baby. Bathing in the Blooming Baby will make bath time a fun time. When finished with the bath, just squeeze out the excess water and either throw the pad in the dryer for 10-15 minutes or use the hangtag and hang to dry which takes about an hour.

The Blooming Bath is on the pricey side, around $40 and only works from newborn to about 6 months old  though it may be worth the money if your baby is not a fan of being bathed.

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Milk Saver by Milkies


I have no experience with breast feeding so I do not know all the ins and outs about it but I guess milk leakage is a major problem. According to Milkies, the Milk Saver is the answer to leaking breasts.

Milk Saver is a BPA free reusable and portable contraption that will catch the leaking milk so that you will not ruin your shirts as well as not waste the milk.  Before you start feeding your baby, just slip the Milk Saver over the breast baby is not going to feed from with the opening of the Saver over the nipple. As you feed baby,  the let down that apparently occurs from the breast not being fed from,  will go into the saver. You can then pour into a storage bag, bottle, or when baby is older add to cereal.

Milk Saver is sold as an individual item though you may find buying two to be helpful. When you are going to be away from baby for extended periods of time and worried about leakage, you can wear a Milk Saver on each breast so as not to waste what is often referred to as “liquid gold.”

Please let me know if this is a must have item or if this is another useless ploy to get moms to spend unnecessary money.

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Boba Vest

boba vest

Whether you are a full time baby wearer or an occasional one the important question is what do you do when the weather is cold and you want to carry your baby. One company has a solution, the Boba Vest ( formally known as the Peekaru ) . 

The Boba vest is made of super soft fleece and can be worn as a front or a back carrier. It can be worn over a Boba carrier or any soft carrier. A side zipper makes it easy to get baby in or out, even when sleeping. Since the vest is made of fleece, there is some stretch so you can layer up before putting on the vest. While I have no experience with a baby carrier, this vest seems like a better solution than bundling up and then trying to fit a carrier over then layers , and then having to add more layers to keep baby warm

After putting baby in your carrier,  just slip the Boba Vest over your head. You then  slip your arms through the armholes, and pull the vest over your baby’s head until it pops out. Finally,  zip up the side zipper and you are off on your adventures.

The Boba vest comes in your choice of black or grey fleece and ranges from size small to X-large so there is no worry of the vest not fitting.

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If you are interested in more information or to buy Boba Vest Click Here

Grobag Egg Room Thermometer

grobag thermometer

It is very important to make sure that a baby’s room is not too hot or too cold and one of the easiest ways to make sure of this is with the Grobag Egg Room Thermometer.  The egg shaped thermometer not only shows a digital reading of the temperature, it glows either yellow, blue or red so you can see the temperature without having to turn on a light and disturb baby.

If the egg is glowing yellow, then the room is a comfortable temperature for children to sleep in, whilst a blue glow indicates it is too cold and a red glow means it’s too warm. The fact that it lights up means that the Grobag Egg doubles as a night light which may help a baby who does not like complete darkness.

Now to me this seems like a useless item. Most people can tell by opening a door and taking a step inside if a room is too warm or cold so seeing a glowing egg is unnecessary. Also if the temperature in a bedroom varies vastly from another room or even the hallway then you have serious insulation issues and it is best to address that problem.

If you look online for the reviews of this item you will see that it is not even accurate, with the actual temperature often 5 or more degrees higher or lower than what the Grobag Egg shows it to be.

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If you feel that the Grobag Egg Room Thermometer is a good buy then Click Here



PONS Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Babies

pons olive oil for babies

Feeding your baby the best quality products is something that is important to a parent but is an olive oil just for babies really necessary? Apparently PONS thinks this is a must have item. This product is intended for babies age 7 months and over.

Olive oil has been proven beneficial for children. Some of the benefits include: a good source of Vitamin E, stimulates bone growth, gastric anti-inflammatory effects, and it contributes to neuro-cerebral development.

Most olive oils have a .8% acidity level but the PONS Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Babies  has levels at .25% making the oil more palatable and digestible for the sensitive stomachs of a baby.

I am not exactly sure how the PONS Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Babies is suppose to be used  since babies at 7 months are not eating much in terms of real food.  It is only around this age that cereals and pureed fruits / vegetables are introduced. Are you suppose to mix the oil in with what they eat? try to spoon feed some to them? I am really not sure how to use this oil.

I really am not too sure how you are suppose to use this oil nor do I know that regular extra virgin olive oil that you already have in your pantry is not fine to use but if you are interested in buying this oil for your baby then Click Here

Oh and there is also a PONS Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Kids version for children 3+ which is exactly the same as the babies version.

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Baby Bottom Fan


I understand that diaper rash is a bad thing. No one wants to see their baby suffer but is a Baby Bottom Fan really needed?

Isn’t plain old room air on its own good enough to dry the bottom? Or even waving your hand creating your own “fan” a perfect way to dry their bottom? According to the makers of the Baby Bottom Fan their solution is the best.

The fan is made of foam sponge blades so there is no worry about getting injured from the blades. An added feature is the built in perfume dispensing function. An anti-microbial lavender  fragrance protects your baby’s bottom from skin issues and soothes their agony.  But wait don’t you want to keep the bottom dry and away from possibly irritating frangrances? This makes no sense to me why you would want to perfume an irritated area.

To me this Baby Bottom Fan seems like a complete and utter useless item that will sit in a drawer. I say skip this item and use good ole’ room air to dry their bottom

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Babykeeper Basic




How hard is it to go to the bathroom when you have a baby with you? Apparently it is very hard if you were to ask Mommysentials, the makers of the Babykeeper Basic.

For $39.99 you can put your baby ( 6-18 months ) in the Babykeeper and use the 2 hooks attached and hang baby over the side of the bathroom stall, allowing you to do your business and not worry.

To me this seems like a total waste of money for many reasons:
1) It only works for a very limited age group. What are you suppose
to do with your baby until they are big enough to use the
Babykeeper? You have 6 months to figure that out and  once they can use it you will have no need to hang up your baby.
2) It costs $40
3) This is a single use item. There are no other opportunities to use it
other than to hang a baby while on the toilet. It simply takes up space in your diaper bag or stroller.

Maybe there is something about the Babykeeper Basic that is ingenious making this one the greatest inventions but the way I see it, this is completely useless and it is best to save your $40.

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iPotty: The Toilet Training Of The Future


Company unveils iPotty

One of the most talked about items at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show was the iPotty by CTA Digital. The question though is is this potty a must have or a waste of space and money?

The iPotty is a fun and colorful potty but with a ipod holder attached to it. On one hand it may prevent accidents since you can put your child on the potty sans diaper and let them play with the ipod or watch a movie in the hopes that they will use the potty. On the other hand,  is your child going to just see this as yet another toy and not use the potty portion?

From the looks of the iPotty I would think that it is intended to be kept out in the open and not in the bathroom but isn’t the point of  a potty to teach a child to use the toilet in a bathroom?

Personally when I do have a child and they are being potty trained,  I do not plan on making the experience a fun let’s play a game or watch a movie one but rather teach them the appropriate place to pee.

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